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The Saga of the Six Joe’s

We’ve been full-time RVers for more than 7 years now and we’ve traveled all over the US and Canada. This past year, however, has been wrought full of odd complications and routine maintenance. The funny part about all of this is the fact that it was always a ‘Joe’ who helped us along our way. This is our story:

All good stories start with seasons, and our season was spring.  Escaping the snow and ice from up north, we became winter Texans and settled in Fredericksburg Texas. When we called for mobile RV service, it was the friendly and incredibly helpful Joe #1 who showed up to assist us. He educated us about our power inverter and when the AC needed to be repaired he really didn’t charge much. We always recommend him to everyone if you are in that area.

Spring also began with the need to move on because the park’s rent was going up. Fortunately we had a wedding to attend in Florida so off we went. From there we ventured to Colorado and then later returned to Texas where our destination just happened to be in Seguin. Following the navigation’s directions we turned one street too soon and found ourselves at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac in quite a rough-looking neighborhood. On top of that, our engine just shuts down. Unable to get the engine started we soon discovered we were blocking someone’s driveway – a someone with a long beard and many, many tattoos! While he suggested hot-wiring the RV, another neighbor, Angel, offered to help make calls in hopes of finding an RV specialist who could assist us. Late on a Saturday night she found Joe #2 who offered to come out first thing Sunday morning. He drove to San Antonio for the parts we needed, replaced the starter and got the RV running. He stuck around to help us back-up but that was when the next problem occurred, the automatic brake was locked. This was something he couldn’t help with.

Angel tried and tried to find a tow truck but there was no one around for 100 miles! She went back to calling repair people and that’s when we met Joe #3. Joe Ruff was our third Joe but he was out of the area. However after hearing our desperate situation he felt sorry for us and came out to help. After fixing the problem, we were ready to get on our way but something was nagging at me and I had to ask. We had been dry-camping for more than three days and I asked Joe if he would check the batteries. Good thing we did, because they were overly extended and swelled up – they were about to explode! So Joe got us back to Canyon Lake, replaced the batteries and fixed quite a few other items. He was a really nice guy. He even sold us an extended warranty which we were at first hesitant about – we had Good Sam’s before and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. That being said, we are glad we got it! We recommend Joe to anyone if you are in the area.

Moving on, we ventured to Northern Georgia and was navigating the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. Tending to stay on the back roads for the more scenic drive we discovered a toilet problem while off the beaten path, late on a Friday night. Traversing up the canyon that’s when we met Joe #4 and we got to try out our new extended warranty. Joe got our toilet fixed no problem, the warranty worked perfectly and Joe even had us stay the night. It was a beautiful place on the river.

Continuing our trek across the Blue Ridge Parkway we steered into a town in Virginia that was having a festival. Every RV park was full, all of the service centers were busy but we met Joe #5 who fixed yet another part that had gone bad. While awaiting repairs we searched and searched for a place to stay and found something that had a vacancy. Unbeknownst to me I hadn’t hung up the phone properly and when we told this Joe where we were going to stay he adamantly refused to let us go there. He said the place was filthy and horrible and the guy was no good. The owner heard Joe and called him directly and while I was shocked, Joe stuck by his word and told the manager he meant every word of what he said. We stayed in a Walmart parking lot that night.

Sometime later amongst our traveling our oil light came on. We located a Walmart asked if they could do it, was told they could and then found out their door was too small for us to fit. We had to unhook, turn around and locate some other place to do the job. We found a nice place just up the road in a very small town when Joe #6 took care of the oil AND took our dog out to the park to play. We just loved Joe.

So over the course of 4 months and 25 states we met 6 wonderful Joe’s who helped us with our RV woe’s and blessed us with their exceptional service. From now on we plan on asking every RV service center we visit if they have a Joe… and if they don’t – we’re moving on!

Six-times Blessed,
Roger & Jann Pippa


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Good News – We have a Joe here!

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